About me

I was born and raised in Cleveland and am now a family man living in Twinsburg, Ohio. I’ve worked in the digital and web industry for over fifteen years — beginning as an interactive designer; designing user interfaces for kiosk screens, CD/DVD applications, and building websites utilizing HTML & CSS, and recently Wordpress CMS. On this journey I've also found a passion for UI/UX design focusing on solving user problems and impacting the overall user experience. It's all about the user!

Skill Set: Web Design | Visual Design | Digital Strategy | Information Architecture | Wireframing | Branding (Identity) | HTML/CSS | Adobe CS

As design professionals, I feel it’s our duty to make an impact on our young and aspiring designers through design mentoring and teaching. In my opinion, the gift of design & creativity was given by God and should be used to serve a greater purpose; social change, giving a voice to the voiceless through visual communication, and "letting our own light shine, unconsciously giving permission for others to do the same." So, let's pay it forward to our future designers and creatives.